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A Visit with Black Crane’s Momoko Suzuki

  • We recently visited Black Crane designer Momoko Suzuki at her home in Pasadena to learn a bit more about her and the inspiration for her collection, which recently arrived in our shops.


    What inspired the 2013 line?
    It sounds funny but an effortless chic elder lady I saw at a ceramic flea market in Japan. She wrapped herself with beautiful cloth to let it hang on her body naturally. I was amazed how beautiful it was to see a hidden silhouette with her subtle movement under the cloth.

    Black Crane is such a beautiful name. How did you come up with it?
    Oh, thank you! I wanted to use the crane which symbolizes happiness in Japan and I think it is just simply elegant.

    Have you always wanted to design clothes?
    Actually no, I wanted to be an architect since I was little. I studied architecture and environmental design, and worked for a couple years. But naturally, as I watched how my husband [designer Alexander Yamaguchi] enjoyed creating his own clothing line, I started wanting to create for what I would relate to more in my lifestyle. And I am very happy about how I followed my heart.


    Any fun summer plans?
    Planning to go to Costa Rica. It would be amazing to get some inspiration for crazy, vivid natural color combinations.

    Who is someone you admire?
    Anyone who is doing the best for themselves and others.

    A favorite quote?
    The care of rivers is not a question of rivers, but of the human heart. – Tanako Shozo

    Many thanks to Momoko! You can find her designs at our Tribeca, Venice, Brooklyn, Chelsea, and Boston stores and in our web shop.

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