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Inside Steven Alan

Studio Visit: In God We Trust

  • We recently dropped by In God We Trust’s Greenpoint studio, where owner/designer Shana Tabor showed us around, talked shop, and hammed it up for our camera.


    Where did you grow up?
    I was born in Maine but grew up in New Hampshire. Real Northeastern girl, this one.

    You’ve been living in New York for quite some time. What are your favorite things to do in your neighborhood?
    Eating and drinking are probably my favorite pastimes. So wherever that can happen, I’m cool (just kidding . . . sort of). I’ve lived in Williamsburg for 14 years now, and it’s amazing to think how much the area has changed. Some of it I can embrace. I love riding the ferry and eating nachos. Not necessarily at the same time, but can we work that out?


    IGWT was very much a learn-as-you-go experience. What made you take the leap to open your own store and produce your own jewelry and clothing?
    I studied jewelry design and worked in my industry for a while. At the point when I started doubting all of it, the opportunity kinda fell in my lap. It was never my intention to have expanded to/created what I have now. But I’m not gonna complain. It was and is still a ton of hard work!

    Your first store opened in Williamsburg in 2005 and you now have three locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. What did you learn from that first shop that really helped you as you grew?
    A good friend of mine had a store in Williamsburg, called Landing, before I had mine. Watching her run her business was a great learning experience. I guess that shop taught me to try really hard, and when you achieve that, try harder.


    You produce all of your clothing and jewelry right here in New York, which is amazing, but can also be quite challenging. What’s been the hardest thing about manufacturing in the US?
    Everything happens right here – jewelry production, sample making, and apparel production. While it gives us complete control of the production process, it’s definitely hard. I think the challenge of producing in the city is finding people that will still do this type of work, and that the work is quality. I am looking forward to seeing a resurgence in the Garment District. However, now that manufacturing in NYC is becoming popular, I just want to make sure that IGWT doesn’t get pushed aside for the bigger dogs.

    Walk us through your design process, from inspiration to production.
    Oh gosh, this is hard. It comes in all shapes. Sometimes I’ll be working on one thing and get an idea for another. I love it the most when good ideas transpire for no good reason. They are usually the best, and for whatever reason, often come to me when I’m in the shower. I get excited to come to work and share new design ideas with staff.


    You recently launched a collection of custom engagement rings and wedding bands. What do IGWT brides and grooms typically come in seeking?
    I think our customer is looking for something sorta basic but not too classic. Aside from that, our prices are honest and very reasonable. Typically when you attach the word wedding, the price triples.

    Any upcoming projects you’re especially excited about?
    We have our hands in so many things right now. You can look forward to seeing some dog coats, canvas bags, and (gasp) some baby stuff soon.


    Many thanks to Shana and the In God We Trust team for having us over! You can find IGWT jewelry in our Boston, Portland, Brooklyn, West Village, Los Feliz, La Brea, Hayes Valley, and Upper West Side locations, as well as in our web shop.

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