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Inside Steven Alan

Q&A: White Denim

  • September 19th, 2013 | Events

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    We’re excited to watch White Denim perform tonight at the Shinola event at our Dallas shop. Drummer Josh Block chatted with us about touring and the band’s forthcoming album, Corsicana Lemonade, which comes out October 29th.

    Photo by Mark Seliger

    You’re touring the US in October with Tame Impala, and then you’re off to Europe and Australia through the end of the year. What do you find to be different about touring in America, versus abroad?
    In previous experiences, the European audiences were a little rowdier. That said, there are some US cities that get crazy as heck. We also roll a little harder in Europe. Since we use a van from the UK, we usually have someone else doing all the driving.

    Do you have a favorite tour stop, or a gig on the upcoming tour that you’re especially looking forward to this time around?
    I’m pretty pumped about playing Bill Graham in SF!

    Was there a particular source of inspiration for Corsicana Lemonade, or something you were hoping to accomplish with this record that was different from your previous work?
    One thing we were very excited about doing on this record was trying to approach every song as the full band in the studio before tracking anything. We’ve only had the space to try that on a single song here and there, not a full album. It was a blast!

    Jeff Tweedy produced two of the songs on the album. How did that collaboration come about, and what did you enjoy most about working with him?
    We met Mr. Tweedy at Sasquatch Festival in Washington with the rest of the Wilco guys. Everyone in that band has such a great attitude. We were then lucky enough for them to ask us out on tour. Jeff mentioned that we should stop by their studio next time we were in Chicago, so we made sure to keep him to that offer by stopping by at 2 AM after a show. The part of working with that crew that I really latched on to was how encouraging they were while still getting the job done right. That’s a hard thing to accomplish. Spencer, Mark, Tom and Jeff were all such a pleasure to work with.

    What are you listening to these days?
    The new Vince Gill and Paul Franklin record is the jam!

    Many thanks to White Denim! You can pre-order Corsicana Lemonade here, and if you’re in Dallas, stop by 3205 Knox Street from 6-9PM tonight to see the band perform.

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