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Inside Steven Alan

Q&A: Jennifer Hagler of A Merry Mishap

  • September 27th, 2013 | Events

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    Jennifer Hagler is the voice behind A Merry Mishap. We’ve been following her blog for a while and are fans of her eye for interiors and her modern, minimalist DIY projects. She shared some photos of her home in Idaho, and told us what’s on her wish list for Fall.

    You’re expecting your second child. Congratulations! How does it feel different the second time around?
    We are overjoyed to be expecting a second child this winter. Part of the reason is that I feel so much more confident in my ability to care for another — something most first time moms have doubts about. I feel a bit more seasoned and I think that will make the whole experience more enjoyable, less worry-filled.



    What are you looking forward to this Fall?
    I’m not one for hot temperatures so I really look forward to cooler weather, boots and layering. I’m planning on being outside more since it won’t be sweltering. We’re also headed to San Francisco as a sort of family “babymoon” and I’m really looking forward to that.



    What is a typical morning like for you?
    My mornings, or I should say, our mornings, consist of breakfast and cartoons. I’ll sneak away for a bit to catch up on emails or prep a blog post. But sometimes it’s also for bike riding and reading. I really have to overlap work and motherhood and as much as I want big blocks of time to do each, that is rarely ever the reality. It’s a lot of multi-tasking.


    We really enjoy your interiors posts, many of which feature a warm yet minimal aesthetic and a neutral palette. How would you describe your style at home?
    Our home is a constant effort towards simplicity. How we can make a space more calming and work better for us. I crave streamlined things with a few variations. It’s not for everyone but it’s certainly for us. My husband works with graphic design so we ingest a lot of color and variation online, so home is most soothing to us in a neutral color palette. My son’s room is filled with color but he’s naturally a very organized kid and keeps his room pretty clean. You should hear him tell my husband where his toys are supposed to go! Every family dynamic is different though.



    What’s on your Fall wish list?
    I love that you carry Acne! We visited their flagship store in Stockholm and it’s such a treat. I like their Pistol Boot. They’ve become a modern classic in my opinion. I’ve also got my eye on the Binchotan toothbrushes by Morihata. I really enjoy these little luxuries. The Solid Hexagon Candle Holder by Fort Makers is on my list too. I’m really into little brassy details.


    What do you enjoy about where you live in Idaho?
    To be perfectly honest, Idaho is not our ideal home. We’ve toyed with the idea of moving but the timing hasn’t been right and we have lots of family here. The nice thing is we have both lots of open space but also a big enough city to play in. I like how quiet and peaceful our neighborhood is but also being able to grab a nice dinner with my man on the weekends. In some ways, we’re pretty spoiled in Idaho.


    Many thanks to Jennifer! You can read more about her at A Merry Mishap, follow her on Instagram and Pinterest, and enter for a chance to win your own Steven Alan Wish List here. Three winners will receive $1000 to shop their Fall wish list at Good luck!

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