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Holiday Q&A: Amy Merrick

  • We caught up with our friend, Brooklyn-based florist and stylist Amy Merrick, to talk about her holiday plans, wintertime rituals, and gift ideas:

    Are you a winter person?
    Getting cozy, cooking a lot, snowy weather – how can you hate those things? I think you need a little freezing weather to appreciate the rest of the year.


    What are your plans for the holidays?
    I’ll go home to visit my folks. I like to get out of the city and play around the woods for Christmas. Feed birds and collect pine cones and things. After that I’ll go to California to visit my boyfriend and his family.


    The season can be a bit slower in your line of work. What do you like to focus on around this time of year?
    Well, I catch up on sleep. It’s nice to have time to cook at home again and work on my many knitting projects. I spend the winter taking a lot of meetings for spring weddings, so I don’t get too lazy.


    We tend to spend more time at home in the winter. Do you have any tips for bringing warmth to small NYC apartments?
    Candles! I go crazy and buy a case of votives and put them everywhere.


    One of our favorite cold weather activities is having small dinner parties (especially as an alternative to New Year’s). Of the varieties currently available, what are your favorite florals for a winter table?
    Anemones and ranunculus are beautiful cut flowers for winter. To decorate a table though, I really love the idea of buying big piles of citrus fruit with leaves still attached – satsumas, meyer lemons, kumquats – and making a tablescape of fruit, candles, and potted paperwhite bulbs.


    How would you spend a snow day?
    I love getting bundled up and going for a walk, then making a big pot of soup and watching as much Netflix TV as possible.


    What are some holiday gifts you’d like to give (or receive)?

    For my mom: linen slippers for getting up early to make coffee on cold floors. Fog Linen Work Linen Slippers

    For me: nothing says cozy to me like a marled sweater. Pretty please? Etoile Isabel Marant Delta Cable Sweater

    For my assistant: she busts her ass for me all year long and I want to get her something nice she would never buy for herself. Clare Vivier Foldover Clutch in Red Jigsaw

    For my boyfriend: I’d get him a new duffle bag and then book us a weekend at Deetjens in Big Sur when we are in California after the holidays. Filson Tin Cloth Medium Duffle

    For my sister: A couple sets of undies. Practical, but also a special splurge. Steven Alan Ruffle Panty

    For my dad: He’s not into “stuff” but I know he’d be happy to have a new cutting board. Fog Linen Work Acacia Rectangular Cutting Board

    Many thanks to Amy for sharing her ideas and Instagram photos! You can read more about her and see photos from our visit to her studio in this interview.

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