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Holiday Q&A: Jessica Comingore

  • We’ve been admiring the work of LA-based designer and photographer Jessica Comingore from afar for a while and recently had the opportunity to chat with her. She talked about winters in LA, holiday plans, and shared her gift picks:

    Photo by Jennifer Young

    Before you started working as a photographer, you worked in the interior design world. What draws you to interiors, and how do you feel that your exposure to architecture has helped hone your eye?
    I’m drawn to interiors in the sense of how they are an extension of the person who inhabits them and how a well-designed space has the ability to change your mood the second you step into it. Working for an architecture firm out of college whose work was predominantly in high-end residential, I was exposed to a level of detail that really helped me understand the difference between good design and great design. From beautiful geometric patterns carved out of antique wood to grace the ceiling of an entryway, to the thin brass inlay on a custom desk for a study, to the detailing on a slab of carrara marble on a kitchen island — every detail was like a note in a perfectly orchestrated symphony. I left that job with a very strong sense of simplifying so that the subtleties can speak.

    Photo by Dabito

    We’ve admired your work with Kinfolk, Freunde von Freunden, and Remodelista, to name a few. Do you have a favorite story, place, or space that you’ve shot or dream of shooting someday?
    Earlier this year I had the opportunity to photograph a residence in Cabo San Lucas for my former boss that certainly qualified as a dream job in my book. I spent a week on site, walking around with my camera from dusk ’til dawn, capturing the ins and outs of this stunning residence on the beach. Leave me alone in a beautiful space with my camera, and I’m in my element.

    Between photography, running your own design studio, writing your blog, and keeping up with over 5 million Pinterest followers, we imagine you don’t have a lot of free time. How do you like to spend a rare quiet moment?
    There are few things I love more than coming home at the end of the day, plopping down and unwinding. I’ve recently moved my office to a space outside my home and have since been enjoying the little things like cooking and watching movies that I never made time for before. I love making a big Sunday breakfast (often consisting of pancakes), catching up on my pile of magazine subscriptions, and sleeping! Can’t forget how wonderful that is.

    Photo by Dabito

    Do you celebrate the winter holidays? How do you plan to spend them this year?
    I do. This is my favorite time of year, and always a chance to reconnect with my family. It’s not often that we’re all in the same place at the same time, so I really enjoy getting to spend some time with everyone cooking, laughing, eating . . . and just generally relaxing. I grew up in LA so luckily I don’t have too far to travel home.

    Photo by Dabito

    Do you like the mild LA winters, or do you find yourself dreaming of escaping to a snowy destination?
    Perhaps it’s because I’m from Los Angeles, but every year around this time I wonder what it would be like to experience a real winter. I probably take all of the sunshine for granted, but I could do with a lot more rainy days in my life. I’m not sure I would cope too well, but I do dream of escaping to a snowy cabin somewhere in Vancouver or the East Coast for the month of December. All I need is a roaring fire, some s’mores, and I’m set.

    Photo by Dabito

    You’re an avid cook and often feature delicious recipes on your blog. What’s a favorite wintertime meal you like to prepare?
    I love a good soup when the weather dips, and a friend introduced me to Marcella Hazan’s Fish in Crazy Water recipe a few years ago and it’s now one of my favorite things to make, for myself or when I have company.

    What are some winter gift picks you’d like to give (or receive)?

    A perfect holiday dress in an eye-catching hue that I would stash in my closet and pull out for spring. Sessun Polly O. Dress in gold

    Everyone needs a cozy knit sweater to lounge around in during the holidays. Acne Rakel Rib Sweater in beige

    I love how these boots are equal parts utilitarian and stylish. No.6 5″ Wedge Buckle Boot

    This would be a perfect gift for my mom and the orchid color is so subtle, it could almost be a neutral.
    Shinola Envelope for iPad Mini in orchid

    The perfect grab-and-go bag that you can carry all year round. Baggu Drawstring Leather Purse in natural

    Everyone should have a bike and the colors on this one would make me want to ditch my car every morning. Shinola Womens Bixby Bicycle in Pink

    I love the minimalist style of this bowl and the imperfections in its shape. A set of three of these would make a great gift for a friend who likes to entertain. BTW Ceramics Striped Rice Bowl

    Many thanks to Jessica! You can read more about her on her blog.

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