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Staff Travels: New Orleans

  • March 12th, 2014 | Travels

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    Lizzie, who manages our Chelsea shop, spent a weekend in New Orleans, where she observed a vodou ceremony. She shared some of her snapshots with us.

    I recently took a trip to New Orleans to explore the city and an interest in local vodou and spiritual practices. Two major discoveries were the Island of Salvation Botanica in the Marigny district and the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple. We were invited to observe a vodou ceremony on Saturday night, hosted by local artist and vodou priestess, Sallie Ann Glassman. Sallie also founded the New Orleans Healing Center, an organization devoted to rebuilding and revitalizing her community post-Katrina.

    View of the Mississippi near the French market

    Fence in Rosalie alley, leading up to the Vodou Peristyle (temple)

    The Rada altar (gentle, cool, more formal altar) in the New Orleans Spiritual Temple

    The Petwo altar (for hotter, more magical, more revolutionary spirits) at Salvation Botanica

    A vodou initiant with offerings: rum, flowers, fruit. Ritual drawings (veves) are made in cornmeal to honor spirits.

    Favorite spots:
    Island of Salvation Botanica and Magical Pharmacie
    New Orleans Healing Center
    New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple
    Best catfish po’ boy: Parkway Po Boys
    Best meal: Cochon

    Many thanks to Lizzie! You can check out more from our staff’s travels here.

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