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Inside Steven Alan

Q&A with Our Kids Models

  • April 17th, 2014 | In Stock, New Arrivals

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    Last week, our friends Atlas, Avery, and Mila came by to participate in a photo shoot for some of our new kids arrivals from Boy+Girl, Esp No.1, Mollusk, Bobo Choses, Ace & Jig, and SA.  Between outfit changes, bites of pizza, and chasing after our photographer’s dog, they paused to answer some questions for us.


    Atlas, age 4

    What’s the best thing about preschool?
    My very best thing is that I make new friends when I don’t know what their names are when they come to my class and to my school. That’s the best part.

    Do you have a favorite candy?
    I DO have a favorite candy!! My favorite is the “Butter Cup” [Reese's Peanut Butter Cups].

    Why do you like having your picture taken?
    Why I like having my picture taken is because I like so much things, like the clothes and computers and lights and the camera and shoes and the little doggie that is there and the pizza and cookies they give me and all the stuff in the photo shoot place and visiting the people that take my picture.



    Avery, age 8

    We hear you go to Argentina every year to visit family. What is your favorite thing to do there?
    When I go to Argentina I like to go to the Kids Museum and to the amusement park.

    Do you have a favorite outfit?
    One is the dress that I wear for my birthday, white and light pink, and I also love my new romper from Steven Alan. It’s so comfortable and cute.

    What do you like to do with your family?
    I love going on vacation with my family.



    Mila, age 2

    What’s your favorite color?

    What do you like to do?
    Play with Playdoh.

    Do you like candy? What kind?

    Many thanks to Atlas, Avery, and Mila! You can see more in the Kids section of our web shop.

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