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Inside Steven Alan

A Conversation with Blanca Monrós Gómez

  • Last week, we checked in with jewelry designer and friend Blanca Monrós Gómez to chat about what she’s bringing to our upcoming Mother’s Day event at the Home Shop, some new pieces she’s making for us, and what’s on her own Mother’s Day wishlist.


    You always seem to have some sort of botanical element in your studio – often flowers of branches you find in the park – and have mentioned that they inspire your work. Is there something in particular that you find especially inspiring at the moment?
    My magnolia tree! It’s just blooming and the white and pink flowers are just beautiful! This time of the year is so inspiring, and every year it surprises me when the trees wake up from the long winter sleep.

    Photo from Blanca’s Instagram

    In addition to BMG classics, such as the popular seed rings and tiny solitaire rings, you’ve also been doing a lot of work with filigree and black diamonds. Is there anything else you’re currently experimenting with?
    I have been working a lot on slimmer gold pieces without stones for a more simple, summery look. I’m also doing a lot of hand forged and hammered texture, as well as more delicate and organic bridal pieces such as my new favorite – our wavy bands!


    We love that your rings are lovely on their own, but that there are also infinite stacking possibilities. What’s in your stack these days?
    I made a new summer stack that I love and have been wearing every day, with our thin wavy bands, thick wavy bands, tiny solitaire with white diamond, and flat seed ring with white diamonds.


    We’re looking forward to your upcoming Mother’s Day trunk show. In addition to the pieces we carry, are there any pieces you’re especially excited to bring?
    We have a few thin layering necklaces that would look lovely with all the light and breezy looks for summer.

    Pictured: the Lavaliere, Bar Curve, Filigree, and Flat Seed Dangly necklaces

    What’s your ideal way to spend Mother’s Day?
    Ideally, at a beautiful beach relaxing while watching the kids play in the sand. More realistically, a nice brunch out and perhaps a picnic at the park.


    Is there anything on your Mother’s Day wish list?
    Yes, so many good things at the Steven Alan Home Store. I love these:

    Postalco Snap Album – I love this. It reminds me of the old photo albums I have from my dad back in the 60′s.

    Fort Standard Marble Hexagon Trivet – This is so beautiful, I would love to just display jewelry on it.

    Fort Standard Vessel 1 – Perfect combination of dark wood and glass. I would fill them with beautiful dried flowers and twigs.

    Steven Alan Girls Breaker Dress in Indigo Discharge Nature – Such a pretty simple summer dress for little girls to wear all summer long!

    Steven Alan Claudia Tunic – A lovely mixture of textures and stripes. So looking forward to flowy shirts weather!

    And of course, tea and toast in bed, snuggling with my kids while reading books. Love that!

    Many thanks to Blanca! Stop by our Home Shop at 158 Franklin Street on May 10th to meet her and shop a special selection of BMG jewelry, cookies from Kuroiwa Patisserie, and flowers by BRRCH.

    - Floral styling by Amy Merrick and studio photos by Alice Gao, courtesy of Blanca Monrós Gómez

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