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Studio Visit: Burrow Bakery

  • We’ve been admirers of Ayako Kurokawa and her company, Kuroiwa Patisserie, ever since we first spotted her creative pastry designs on Pinterest. While visiting Burrow Bakery, her shop in DUMBO, we had the opportunity to see Ayako at work and asked her a few questions.


    Where did you grow up?
    Wakkanai City, most northern point of Japan.


    How did you first become interested in pastry art?
    My interest in pastry and art started at different points of time. I was a very poor student when I came here, so I was always starved in a way, so one day I got a job as a part-time waitress at a restaurant, but it was so stressful to communicate with customers so I started to think that I should work in the kitchen. As for the art, because I’ve always been introverted, especially in childhood, I liked to draw, and always people taught me I was more art person for being left-handed, and I got more creative to use right-handed tools.


     You started your own patisserie just a few years ago, and your creative, whimsical designs were soon all over Pinterest and the blogosphere. How did it feel to see your work take off so suddenly?

    I appreciate and am glad to my dear friends. They always like my cakes, cheers, order as corporation gifts, etc. Of course I am happy to see my pictures on someone’s blog, because I produce small amount of pastry out of small studio, so my pastries cannot be tasted by many people, but pictures can be seen and enjoyed by more people.



    In addition to the pastries you make for Burrow, you also do a lot of custom orders for clients. We imagine you’ve probably had some interesting requests come your way. What is the strangest design anyone has asked for?
    Usually extreme order needs sugar paste or rolling fondant to make it to reality, but I do not use them, so I do not think I had the strangest design order . . . but what I enjoyed recently was a portrait cake with balloon cookies with her usual phrases.



    What is the most important thing you’ve learned about building your own business?
    To have an understanding and supportive partner. He does what I cannot do, and I do what he cannot do.



    Many thanks to Ayako! You can visit Burrow Bakery at 68 Jay Street. Her cookies will also be available at our Mother’s Day jewelry trunk show with Blanca Monrós Gómez at our Home Shop (158 Franklin Street) this Saturday, May 10th.

    - Photos by Connie Wang

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