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Inside Steven Alan

Store Highlight: Boston

  • Our Boston shop opened about a year ago on Newbury Street, and as we reflected on our first year in Beantown, we talked shop with our staff there. Team members Gary, Casey, Jenna, and Tommy weighed in on the shop and neighborhood:

    172 Newbury Street

    What do you like about the shop and the neighborhood?
    Casey: I love that everything in our area is so accessible. Newbury is known for shopping, but it’s also next to some beautiful churches, architecture, and parks. If you want history, or good food, or great shopping, you don’t have to walk too far in any direction.

    Gary: The Back Bay in Boston has become such an influential part of the Boston community. We are fortunate to be able to walk to some of our favorite places to eat and shop in the area but, still be centrally located enough to be a part of some of our community members’ daily routines.



    What do customers get excited about?
    Gary: We have a devoted client base for Steven Alan, Clare V., and ACNE but we also have customers that just get excited when they discover a new brand they have never seen before or when we have a new delivery of the Steven Alan Collection in the store.

    Jenna: I find that our customers get very excited about the experience we provide when they come into the shop. We have a great base of clients who have become regulars, which is great. The relationships we forge allow us to help them get excited about the new products and brands we carry, many of which are hard to find in the Boston area.

    Tommy: To echo what Jenna said, our customers seem to really appreciate the shopping experience here. The shop provides a relaxed environment for people to come and just chat, and I feel that’s unique among many of the retail shops in Boston.

    Clare V. clutches, a customer favorite


    What are some of your favorite items in the shop at the moment?
    Casey: Our Steven Alan Aspen shirt, the Band of Outsiders Eyelash Sweater, ACNE Linden Boot, and NLST Utility Jogger.

    Jenna: I’m also a big fan of the ACNE Linden Boot right now, and our Aspen shirt is also a go-to for me. The Band of Outsiders Drop Shoulder Coat is a top pick for the fall, and I’m also really excited we have MM6 in this season — the Circle Dress is beautiful.

    Tommy: If I had to narrow it down to my top three, I would say our SA Seamless Wool Sweater in navy, any pair of the Alden 403 Indy Boot, and The Band of Outsiders Long Sleeve Button Up in black.

    Gary: I cant get enough of the Fairends Hats and Shoes like Pottery High Tops we have in the store right now, and looking forward to carrying Apolis in the fall. My all time favorite is the SA Classic Collegiate Shirt though. It’s the perfect shirt for me.

    Gary’s picks: Shoes Like Pottery canvas sneakers and Fairends caps

    The Steven Alan Light Seamless Sweater will be Tommy’s go-to sweater for fall

    What are some of your go-to spots in the neighborhood?
    Gary: For coffee, I think collectively we love Pavement. For local shopping, I like Olives & Graces in the South End.

    Tommy: After work I like to head down the street to The Thinking Cup for a coffee and macaron while I study, and when the weather is right, I like to head down to the esplanade and relax on the docks along the river.

    Casey: I’d have to add the Charles River Esplanade, and Myers + Chang for Asian-inspired cuisine.

    Jenna and Tommy receive a shipment

    Stocking up for fall with AnonymousIsm socks, including some SA collaboration styles.

    How do you like to spend your time off?
    Jenna: I ride a motorcycle, so any day I have free I try and ride as much as possible. When I’m not riding I’m usually up in the North Shore where I live, taking photos, or stopping into the city to see a show.

    Casey: With my son, Elliott – preferably doing something fun outside.

    Gary: There’s always something exciting going on in the summer here. I enjoy spending time down by the ICA museum or riding my bike to a nice patio like Toro’s to spend the afternoon.


    The SA men’s shirting wall

    Many thanks to Gary, Casey, Jenna, and Tommy! Come say hello at 172 Newbury Street.

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