It’s tough to label NYC-based Roanne Adams. The award-winning Creative Director is also a mother, wife, and owner of the ultra successful, multi-disciplinary creative agency, RoandCo.  With over ten years of industry experience, Roanne is known for her keen eye amongst clients, collaborators, and Instagram followers alike. Her style reflects her approach – she’s effortlessly polished, both current and classic, with a creative spark. Between looking the part and managing her many commitments, our best guess is that she’s probably also magic. 

How do you start your day?
Every morning is different. I try to start the morning with either a meditation or a workout/yoga session with my husband and trainer. I love to spend a bit of time with my three-year-old daughter; we like to have a hug and a laugh before she heads off to school. Although, most mornings end up being too rushed and I fall straight into the email trap!  If I don’t have a breakfast meeting,  I make myself a healthy meal and spend a few minutes thinking about the day ahead of me.

Could you walk us through your typical workday?
Most days entail a lot of internal meetings, from business operations to checking in with my design team on projects, as well as client meetings. I tend to have at least one to two client or potential client meetings per day so I have to be on my ‘A’ game pretty much always!

Do you have any daily rituals that ease or aid your busy schedule?
Meditation has definitely helped with taking everything in stride. Being a business owner means that every day is busy. It sounds a bit hokey, but I’ve been working on creating positive affirmations and intentions for my day. I find that when things get stressful, I just need to remind myself that all is well and I am supported. I strongly believe that our minds have the capacity to deal with so much more than we think as long as we take care of ourselves, are surrounded by the right people, and have a positive outlook on life.

What’s your favorite off-duty activity?
My husband grew up on the Long Island Sound; he still has a boat from his childhood that we try to get out on in the summer. A day in nature, particularly on the water, with my daughter, husband, and friends is definitely my favorite off-duty activity. 

How does the Glow Watch fit into your life and/or routine?
My watch actually reminds me to slow down. Unlike my iPhone, which prompts me to speed up, I look at my watch and it reminds me that time is the most precious thing we have and that I should be thankful for every minute.

Any other reasons why you love it?
It’s funny because I rarely look at my watch to actually tell me the time. I actually just LOVE it as an accessory. I think the unisex look appeals to my style preference and my daughter loves it because the hands glow in the dark! 

Photos by: Heather Sten

The Glow Watch by Steven Alan