Jewelry designer, Hannah Ferrara has honed a great appreciation for hand-made, quality objects and heirlooms. Her collection, Another Feather, is the best evidence. She makes many of the pieces by hand in her Portland studio, paying specific attention to detail and embracing the natural imperfections of the hand at work.

How do you start your day?
With a glass of water and either a cup of Chemex coffee or a bowl of matcha followed by yoga and reflection, breakfast, and then a walk to the studio. When I’m at the studio, I begin by burning Palo Santo and making my list for the day, hand written on actual paper, so that I can check things off as the day progresses.

Could you walk us through your typical workday?
On any given day there's typically a few meetings, some concept planning for upcoming shoots and collections, production, communication with our stores and customers, press pulls, packing and shipping orders, website and journal updates, and a whole lot of metalsmithing, soldering, filing, hammering, sanding, and polishing.

Do you have any daily rituals that ease or aid your busy schedule?
Yoga, running, and mineral salt baths. I’m still working on trying to be better about breaking for a proper lunch and taking that time to catch up on my reading or meet with friends. When I'm in a creative rut, I’ll take a long walk to reflect, or a quick day trip to refocus and refresh.
Talking things through with my husband, at the end of the day, always helps give me fresh perspective if needed; he's a master problem solver.

What’s your favorite off-duty activity?
Getting myself near water. I love heading to the river or ocean for a picnic and swim. When it’s cooler, I spend time in the woods and have long, drawn out dinners with friends. I love to cook, visit museums or galleries, and watch films whenever time allows. 

How does the Mini Glow Watch fit into your life and/or routine?
It's the perfect size for my small wrist, layers seamlessly with jewelry, and keeps me from having to check my phone all the time.

Any other reasons why you love it?
I love the classic and simple design and that it’s actually comfortable while functional. All things that I value in an accessory!

Photos by: James Fitzgerald , Ransom Ltd.

The Mini Glow Watch by Steven Alan