Denise Porcaro has been New York City’s go-to florist for whimsical, lush arrangements for over a decade. Under the name Flower Girl NYC, she’s been arranging effortless, textural bouquets for everyone from brides to fashion houses. Her Lower East Side storefront also hosts classes and is set-up to inspire with seasonal blooms for sale as well as year-round succulents and plenty of decorative objects. Denise doesn’t seem affected by demand and popularity; her warmth is instantly apparent upon introduction and makes its way into each one of her unpretentious, charming arrangements

Steven Alan  Benglis Dress  and  The Mini Watch

Steven Alan Benglis Dress and The Mini Watch

How do you start your day?
With coffee! I’ve tried lemon water, matcha, etc. and, at times, go back and forth but to be honest, I look very forward to my first cup of coffee in the morning with a kiss from my husband, and a snuggle with our dogs.

Steven Alan  Myres Top

Steven Alan Myres Top

Could you walk us through your typical workday?
They aren't typical.  In owning my own business for over 10 years, I have leaned to be quite flexible - each day and week is different depending on many variables. I’m usually emailing before I leave the house, or when I’m on my way to the gym, and then I just let the day lead me. I am definitely more mindful now about bringing work home, and I set a cut off time for myself, but I do have to be flexible since we’re a small operation.

Do you have any daily rituals that ease or aid your busy schedule?
Making sure I watch the clock and set a time to shut off. I’m pretty good about maintaining a work/life balance. I work a lot, but I also like to play a lot. I love working out, more for my brain than anything else, because it’s a really positive start to the day and gives me way more energy to take on the tasks at hand. 

What’s your favorite off-duty activity?
I love getting out of the city. Whether headed to our home upstate or a weekend get away at the beach, I love to be taken out of my element in order to properly decompress. I also love, love to cook - it chills me out.

How does the Mini Watch fit into your life and/or routine?
I like dainty jewelry, always have. It's the perfect watch for me. It’s so easy to wear and goes from day to night easily. When you’re moving through a city like New York all day, it helps to not have to think about the little things and just keep moving onto the next.

Any other reasons why you love it?
No other brand that I know of has anything like it right now - I appreciate unique, different things.

Photos by: Heather Sten

The Mini Watch by Steven Alan