An honorary New Yorker, with ten years under her belt, our women’s designer Kate Leaver wanted to design a timepiece to remind her of home. The Time Traveler Watch is a dual timepiece with two simultaneous dials that may be set to different zones. Though most familiar with the realm of womenswear, Kate’s no stranger to designing accessories with a brief stint in millinery and seasonal collaborations with Steven on handbags and jewelry; they recently joined forces with Blanca Monros Gomez on an exclusive necklace and bracelet set. Kate’s classic, subtly feminine, aesthetic influences all she designs. The Time Traveler watch is the perfect example, with its no-fuss appearance and clean lines, a delicate take on the traditional men’s watch.

How do you start your day?
Going through my e-mails with a cup of coffee.

Could you walk us through your typical workday?
Depending on the season, my day might consist of sketching, fittings, going to factories, researching, meeting with Steven, or all of the above. It’s always different.

Do you have any daily rituals that ease or aid your busy schedule?
I love a LaCroix in the late afternoon. I think the bubbles help me out.

What’s your favorite off-duty activity?
Lately it’s been going to the beach and playing catch.

How does the Time Traveler Watch fit into your life and/or routine?
It goes with just about everything in my closet. It’s the best. I love the clean lines and touch of gold.

Any other reasons why you love it?
It reminds me of home.

Photos by: Heather Sten

The Time Traveler Watch by Steven Alan